ATA NeoSlider NES-24v1 Automatic Gate Opener

The ATA NeoSlider NES-24v1 is a single sliding gate opener combining electronics and robust mechanical systems, making it a reliable choice for most residential properties.


Features & Benefits


  • Integrates with your garage door opener.
  • Soft stop & start
  • Intelligent Safety System (ISS)
  • Data Profiling
  • Service Indicator 
  • Auto close
  • Battery Backup
  • Solar Power
  • Lockable Manual Release


Why Choose The NeoSlider NES-24V1 


The Neoslider NES-24V1 is a reliable, safe remote gate opener designed by a team of engineers to deliver on performance for years to come. Equipped with a wide range of features yet easy-to-use, the NES-24V1 is the perfect option for residential projects. 


Soft Stop & Start

Using a gradual acceleration and deceleration at the beginning and end of each use, the NeoSlider is able to perform whisper-quiet with extended longevity.

Intelligent Safety System (ISS)

If the gate comes into contact with an obstruction while in use, the opener will either halt its movement or reverse it, reducing the risk of harm to individuals and damage to property.

Data Profiling

During setup and installation, the system learns the power requirements for various stages of the gate's movement; this feature is continuously reprofiled for maximum efficiency.

Service Indicator

The NeoSlider provides audible and visual reminders to indicate when a servicing is required. 


An optional function allowing the gate to automatically close after entry or exit. 

Battery Backup

In case of a power outage, the NeoSlider gate opener switches to the optional backup battery.

Solar Power

The optional solar-powered kit means the NeoSlider can work anywhere and also be environmentally-friendly.

Lockable Manual Release

Requiring a key to access means only authorised individuals can operate the gate without the remote.

NeoSlider NES-24V1 Specifications

Input Power -  230-240Vac 50Hz

Power -  24Vdc

Max Pulling Force -  200N

Travel Speed - 200mm/second (max)

Max Gate Width - 10.0m

Max Gate Weight - 250 Kg

Duty Cycle ay 20°C -  50%

Operating Ambient Temp. - -20°C - +55°C

Dimensions - ( w x h x d) 298 x 328 x 200mm

Weather Resistance Rating -  IP 44

Receiver Capacity - 30 transmitters

Receiver Frequency -  Multi-frequency UHF FM


Coding Type - Code Hopping (non-linear

encryption algorithm)

Transmitters Included in Kit -  2 x PTX-5

Code Combinations -  Over 4.29 billion random codes

Warranty - 1 year parts warranty


Compatible Remotes:

KPX-5 Wireless Keypad

ATA TrioCode 4-Button

B&D Tri-Tran+