B&D Secure Garage Door Opener

Looking for a reliable, easy-to-use garage door opener? Choose the B&D Secure Garage Door Opener. This exceptional device comes with a range of features to make your life easier, safer, and more convenient:

  • Simple and secure automation
  • Two Tri-Tran+ Remote Controls provide superior security and operating range
  • Well-lit garage courtesy of the bright LED light for added safety
  • Automatic safety features that prevent closing on obstructions
  • Powerful motor capable of lifting single and double-sized sectional doors of up to 235kg
  • Fast and seamless operation

With its excellent security features and powerful motor, the B&D Secure Garage Door Opener is the perfect choice to automate your garage door.


Standard Inclusions

  • Tri-Tran+ Premium accessory kit
  • Built-in auto-reverse technology
  • Super fast opening
  • Bright LED courtesy light
  • DC motor with belt rail
  • Heavy lifting capacity