Motors for Sectional & Tilt Garage Door Systems

Whether your home is fitted with a sectional or tilt-style garage door, Best Doors stocks and instals an extensive range of motors to power your access systems. We stock all of Australia’s most recognised brands, including Gliderol, B&D, Merlin, and ATA. All Best Doors garage motors offer quiet, smooth operation, and high standards of security.


Gliderol Genesis Automatic Opener

Gliderol Genesis Optima Automatic Opener

Merlin Commander Essential MS65MyQ

Merlin Commander Elite MS105MyQ

Merlin Commander Extreme MS125MyQ

Merlin Commander Ultimate MJ3800MyQ

B&D Panel Pro

B&D Secure Garage Door Opener

B&D Smart Garage Door Opener

B&D Smart Pro Garage Door Opener

B&D Smart Phone Control Kit

ATA Smart Phone Control Kit

ATA GDO-9 Enduro Gen 2 Automatic Opener

ATA GDO-11 Ero Automatic Opener

Best Doors tilt garage door openers and sectional garage door openers are manufactured with your convenience and safety in mind. Our range features top-of-the-line systems have advanced sensing technology, effective sound mitigation and fast opening speeds. Not only do these motors make your electric garage door easy to use, but also help to protect against potential break-ins.


Once you have selected the access system motor that meets your needs, contact an expert technician from Best Doors. 


For more information about Best Doors’ sectional and tilt door motors, follow the links above or call us on 1800 066 142.