B&D Wind-Rated Roller Door

Choose B&D Wind-Rated Roll-A-Door for Sturdy Protection Against High Winds

If you're seeking a reliable roller door that can stand up to high-wind and cyclonic conditions, the B&D Wind-Rated Roll-A-Door is an excellent option. This garage door complies with the National Construction Code's rigorous standards and has earned independent certification for use in all high-wind and cyclone-prone areas of Australia. Whether you're safeguarding a residential, commercial, or industrial property, B&D's wind-locked doors offer superior resistance against high winds, making them a smart investment for any structure in need of sturdy protection. For dependable, long-lasting garage doors, consider B&D Roller Doors.


Experience Years of Reliable Performance

B&D Roller Doors are engineered to last. These Wind-Rated Roll-A-Doors have been rigorously tested to exceed 20,000 cycles, ensuring they can open and close repeatedly without fail. With a complete wind-rated garage roller door system, you can rest assured that you're getting maximum durability, strength, and security from your investment in B&D garage doors.


Unmatched Wind-Locking Capabilities

When it comes to protecting your property from high winds, B&D Roller Doors offer superior security. Each Wind-Rated Roll-A-Door features B&D's unique wind-locking technology, complete with a distinctive clip design fitted to the edge of the door. Even in the face of high winds, these clips hold the door in the track, reducing the risk of it being forced open. In addition to providing unparalleled wind resistance, these wind clips also offer extra protection against potential intruders trying to force their way into your property. Choose B&D Roller Doors for unmatched protection and peace of mind.

Unsure about Your Home's Wind Region?

Take a Look at Our Convenient Wind Regions Map Below

Complying with the National Construction Code is crucial when constructing a home in a wind-rated area, but interpreting the code can be challenging. To simplify the process and determine whether a wind-rated roller door is necessary for your property, refer to the map provided below.