Choose From Australia's Top Roller Garage Door Brands

An Australian icon, the classic Roller Garage Door is designed to complement the look and feel of any home. Made from corrugated steel, roller doors offer a combination of strength, style and functionality, all while taking up very little space even allowing you to drive right up to them before opening. This means installing a garage roller door is a perfect option if you would like to make the most of every inch of your garden, garage or driveway. Roller doors work by rolling themselves up using a set mechanism - often motorised - and don't need to open outwards, removing the chance that they will bump into something.


Our roller doors are extremely cost-effective and can be installed quickly by our team with minimum disruption to your home. They are also very easily automated with an automatic garage door opener making them extremely practical and functional. 


We find that roller doors are one of the most popular choices across our customers and have even become something of an Australian icon! The strong corrugated steel provides incredible durability in style perfect for security or weather resistance. We have a great range of roller garage doors to choose from offering you an excellent range to suit your home's design or styling preferences.

Gliderol Garage Roller Door

Gliderol Roller Door

B&D Roll-A-Door - Roller Door

B&D Roll-A-Door

B&D Firmadoor Roller Garage Door

B&D Firmadoor

B&D Rollmasta Roller Garage Door

B&D Rollmasta

Steel-Line Clean-Line Roller Door

Steel-Line Clean-Line Roller Door

B&D Roll-A-Door Neo

B&D Wind Rated Roller Door

B&D Flex-A-Door

Not Sure Which Roller Door Is Right For Your Garage?

Choosing the right roller door means weighing up a number of factors. The size, aesthetic, price and functionality of the garage all need to be taken into consideration which can making selecting the perfect garage difficult. If you are unsure, book a free measure and quote with one of our expert technicians today. We can help answer all your questions and help you decide what roller garage door is best for you.


The Gliderol roller door is a continuous sheet roller door suiting most garages while being specially design for Australia using Colorbond® steel.


If you're looking for somewhere to start, one popular options is a Steel-Line Clean-Line roller door that can be made to fit almost any garage, while the first-class materials help to offer one of the quietest and quality experiences available. The Gliderol roller door is a continuous sheet roller door suiting most garages while being specially design for Australia using Colorbond® steel.


Lastly, we also have five B&D roller door options which also provide incredible design quality to give you several styling options while knowing you're installing a quality garage door solution that's built to last and strong enough to survive unwanted visitors or weather events.

No matter which option you go with you can buy knowing all of our roller doors offer the best quality and come backed by Best Doors' 120% satisfaction guarantee along with a product warranty. 

Follow the links above to view our range of residential roller doors or call us on 1800 066 142 to discuss your garage door needs today!


About Our Range of Roller Doors

How Long Do Roller Doors Last?

While most roller garage doors come with a product warranty for 5-10 years, you can expect your garage door to last up to 30 years, especially with a regular service.

What's The Difference Between Roller Garage Doors & Sectional Garage Doors?

Roller doors are made from a flexible metal curtain that rolls into a coil, while sectional garages are made from panels that are folded at the hinges. Roller doors are typically more affordable and longer lasting.

How Do I Increase The Tension Of My Garage Door

If your roller garage door is no longer tightly rolling up, you may need to increase the tension of the springs. We recommend that if this happens you book a service from a Best Doors technician to avoid further damage to your garage door.

What Do I Need To Do To Look After My Garage Door

One of the easiest and most effective ways to keep your garage door in great condition is to clean it regularly. Keeping your garage clean not only keeps it looking great, but removing any build up of dirt and grime from mechanisms can help prolong its life. Check out our blog on the 5 Dos & Don'ts of Caring For Your Roller Door.

How Do I Paint A Garage Roller Door?

If your roller door requires a fresh coat of paint, you should start by removing the existing paint with an abrasive tool. When doing this, it is recommended that you wear appropriate PPE to protect your face and hands. Using a metal priming coat is also recommended if you are painting directly over steel as this will help your paint last longing. Once your have removed the old coat, ensure that the garage door is clean and apply paint. You can use a brush but it might be worth using a paint spray gun for ease if you have one available. Depending on the type of paint you are using, it may be worth applying 2-3 coats.

Where Does Best Doors Service?

Best Doors operate in a number of locations across Australia including Brisbane, Adelaide, Cairns, Townsville, Mackay, Rockhampton, Gladstone, Bundaberg, Toowoomba and the Sunshine Coast. If you're looking for a free measure and quote for a roller garage door, contact a local dealer or call 1800 062 142 today.