B&D Tri-Tran™ Wireless Digital Keypad

B&D's Tri-Tran™ Wireless Digital Keypad is designed for use with automatic garage door and gate openers. The Tri-Tran™ format provides unparalleled security with more than 99 million different codes. To operate, the user enters their unique pin code on the Wireless Keypad (4 to 8 digits long) followed by the hash (#) key. The user then presses one of the eight available channels. TrioCode™ transmitters use a random coding system with 4.29 billion possibilities for enhanced security. Available in both key-ring and wireless wall mount models.

Compatible with:

B&D Controll-A-Door P, B&D Controll-A-Door P Diamond, B&D Controll-A-Door P Diamond Whisper Quiet, B&D Controll-A-Door  Diamond Power Drive