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How Secure Are Digital Door Locks?

Find out how secure digital door locks are, the top reasons to switch to a keyless security solution and the best models on the market.

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What to Do When Your Garage Doesn't Work (and When It's Time to Call an Expert)

There are many reasons why your garage door can pose problems. Read to find out how to solve common broken garage door issues and when to call an expert.

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Preparing Your Garage for the Next Cyclone

It’s vital to secure your garage from damage in cyclone-prone areas. Learn how to protect your garage and the best cyclone rated roller doors.

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Garage Door Remote Issues? Here’s How to Fix Them

If you’re having issues with your garage door remote preventing your garage door from working, here are our top 4 tips for fixing the problem and troubleshooting garage door remote issues.

news for 16 September 2021 Blog - 16 September 2021

The Best Garage Door Openers Australia

Wondering which type of garage door opener best suits your particular choice of garage door? Here are 4 of the best garage door openers in Australia.