Insulated Garage Door

Our insulated garage doors really do make a difference. Their double steel skin is manufactured using PIR (PolyslsoCyanurate) thermal core technology. This ensures all of our insulated garage doors and roller doors have the best protection against both heat and cold transfer. 

Our insulated garage doors also have significant acoustic qualities, which creates a sound-protection barrier between your house and your garage ensuring peace and quiet as well as an insulated garage.

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Insulated Garage Door Benefits

Temperature Regulation

An insulated garage door can make all the difference, especially in an unforgiving Australian climate. When you select a garage door design, you can opt for additional insulation. A fully insulated garage door acts as a barrier to heat flow and is essential for keeping your garage and home warm in winter and cool during summer. 

Extra Strength & Security 

An insulated garage door also ensures your garage door is thicker and stronger than a regular garage door. This adds an extra layer of safety so you can rest assured that your garage door is secure from break ins. 

Energy Efficiency

Better control of the temperature means less spent on air-conditioning and savings on energy. If you keep the space open between your garage and the rest of your home, this can be very effective at reducing your overall energy costs.