ATA GDO-9 Enduro Gen 2 Automatic Opener

The ATA GDO-9 Enduro Gen 2 Automatic Opener has all the features you need. With a powerful 1200N DC motor, adjustable speed settings, soft start and stop, servicing reminder, courtesy light and automatic close, the GDO-9 Enduro Gen 2 also boasts ventilation and vacation modes.

Ready for the Smart Control Kit and backed by a 7-year/20,000-cycle warranty, The GDO-9 Enduro Gen 2 has several optional features such as wireless safety beam compatibility, battery back-up, smart solar, belt drive and courtesy light output.


Compatible Remotes:

  • ATA TrioCode 128 4-button        
  • ATA TrioCode 128 2-button        
  • Smart Phone Control Kit               
  • KPX-5 Wireless Keypad
  • ATA TrioCode 128 Wall Control Panel