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ATA TrioCode™128 Series Remote Controls


Electronic interference from wireless and cordless devices can often jam garage door and gate remotes. ATA's TrioCode™128 series overcomes this issue by transmitting on three different frequencies at the same time. So, even if two frequencies are jammed, your TrioCode™128 transmitter will continue to work.

With the same 128-bit advanced encryption standard (AES) that is relied on by banks, security agencies and government, TrioCode 128 is one of the most secure transmitters available. The TrioCode 128 has additional features that provide even greater protections against attempts to replicate or copy the technology. 

Best of all, the new TrioCode™128 Garage Door Remotes are compatible with existing TrioCode™ openers.

Available in key-ring, water-resistant & wall mount models.

Models available:

  • ATA TrioCode™128 Premium 4-Button Remote
  • ATA PTX5 TrioCode™ 128 Transmitter
  • ATA WTX4 TrioCode™ 128 Transmitter



The SecuraCode® code hopping technology generates a new random code from over 4.29 billion possibilities with each use of the transmitter. This ensures that only your transmitters will ever open your gate or door, and that once a code is used it cannot be reused by 'code grabbing' devices for unauthorised entry.

Compatible with:

GDO-2v5,v6 & v7, GDO-4v3 & v4, GDO-6v1 & v2, GDO-7v1, GDO-8v1 & v2, GDO-9v1 Easyslider v24, MS CD-19 Gate PCB


ATA SecuraCode® Garage Door Remotes