Steel-Line Sectional Garage Doors

Enhance your home with a Steel-Line Sectional Garage Door. 

Steel-Line sectional (also known as panel lift) garage doors come in five different styles with endless finish and colour combinations to perfectly suit your home. Choose from the stylish Heritage, Ranch, Slimline, Glacier or Flatline panel lift door styles.

Knowing the importance of colour-matching your garage door with your home, Steel-Line offers the Dulux and Colorbond® colour selection across their whole sectional garage door range so you can personalise your choice to suit your taste.

As Australia's most successful garage door retailers and installers, you can trust us with your garage door installation.


Steel-Line Sectional Garage Door Advantages

  • Weather Proof - The range is designed to withstand the harsh Australian climate for years to come.
  • Protection - Keep the contents of your garage safe with tough PVC weather seals and heavy duty aluminium bottom rails.
  • Automation - Nearly all the range can be automated.
  • Durable - Designed to last more than 20,000 door cycles, or over 20 years of standard use. 
  • Safety & Security - Standard safety features included. 
  • Courtesy Light - Providing the most convenient way to get in and out of your car.
  • Finger Proof Safety - Award-winning design protects fingers.
  • Technology - Standard ‘Auto Reverse System’ technology stops the garage doors from coming into contact with objects. 
  • Remote Handsets -  The key ring remote handsets are small and convenient.
  • Automatic Reversal - Optional ‘Photo Eye’ automatically reverses the closing of the door if an obstruction is detected. Specially designed composite hinges for quiet operation.

How secure are steel-line sectional garage doors?

Thanks to their award-winning design, Steel-Line’s sectional garage doors are the safest choice for your family. 


FingerProofTM Safety

All Steel-Line sectional or panel lift doors feature a curved finger proof joint

for added safety. This unique design protects against serious injuries and also helps seal the door from the weather. 


Heavy Duty Bottom Rail

Heavy duty bottom rails help reinforce the lower part of the sectional doors which then have durable weather seals added to the bottom of the rail.


Strong and Quiet Operation

Enjoy smooth, quiet operation thanks to the specially designed hinges used by Steel-Line made from composite materials like nylon.