Garage Door Remote Issues? Here’s How to Fix Them

17 September 2021

Very few things are as frustrating as when you’re in a rush and your garage door remote isn’t playing ball. 

However, we’ve got good news - whether your garage door is B&D, Gliderol, Merlin, ATA or any other brand, it’ll usually be the same common issues causing your grievance.

In this article, we’ll cover the top four reasons why your remote is not fully functioning and the possible causes of your malfunctioning remote or transmitter.

We’ll also include some information on what you can do to fix it, along with some tips on how to appropriately maintain your remote to give it a longer life.


1. Batteries

When was the last time you changed the batteries in your garage door opener remote? 

Dead batteries are probably the first thing you considered when you found your garage door remote not working. Before calling your local garage door repair company because your garage door opener remote has suddenly ceased signalling for your door to rise and descend, check to see if the batteries have died. 

The batteries in garage door remotes usually last approximately two years before they need to be changed.

2. Remote Signal Lost

After replacing the batteries in your remote, the communication between the remote and the opener transmitter may have been interrupted. You may need to reprogram the remote to the motor. 

Should you lose or someone steals your remote/s you should clear all remaining remotes that are coded to the motor and reprogram the existing remotes. If required you can also buy extra remotes to replace the ones lost. 

Sometimes remotes get wet and putting it into a bag of rice will not soak up the moisture to get it working again. In this case it’s time to buy a new remote and program to your motor. 

Reprogramming instructions can be found on the internet provided you know the remote model you have.  

3. Receiver Signal Blocked

If the door still won't open after replacing the batteries in your remote and reprograming to the motor. The connection to the motors receiver may be the reason why. First of all, you should check for any interference within the area. Interference could be caused from any electrical appliances which may be in or around the garage. Then you just need to isolate the source and it should work. 

Depending on the age of the motor or the condition the receiver within the motor is in, it may be time for a new motor. Contact your local repair specialists to check and repair the problem.

4. Certain Mechanisms are Broken 

We’ve all suffered from garage door opener problems. If the remote and wall-mounted panel methods fail to raise or lower your garage door, you may have a problem with the torsion springs or even the cables. Check that your door is on the tracks, that the torsion spring is in one piece and that the chain has not disengaged. If you do come across one of these issues, do not attempt to open your garage door as this may result in serious damage. You should contact your local repair specialists to check and repair the problem.